How To Remove Snakes From Under My Shed Or Porch

Gainesville snake

Removing Snakes from Your Shed or Porch
Snakes can get into your shed or porch easily once they are on your property. They can get into most places thanks to their small bodies and maneuverability. As long as there is an entrance point for them, there is a risk there. Once they are there, removing them can be a hassle. They are fast and hard to catch, and will go deep into a property if given the opportunity. Knowing how to remove them in this instance is important. You cannot let the snake stay around, whether it is a dangerous type of snake or not. You do not want it to have free reign over your property.

Physical Removal
If possible, you can remove the snake yourself. Wearing the proper protective gear, try to get into the shed or porch, if you have access to it. Pick up the snake and place it into a bag, and take it elsewhere. If you know what you are doing, this can work well. There are concerns with this method. Venomous snakes can pose a serious risk to your health if they bite you. If you are uncertain whether the snake is venomous, you take a risk by handling it. You may face other risks in doing this, too. The areas under sheds and porches are not always safe. It can be cramped and painful, and full of other risks to you. Getting into there can be dangerous on its own. Another option for physical removal is to use traps. Snake traps work well with the right bait. Place and bait them, and check often to see if you caught anything.

Professional Removal
If you cannot do it yourself, or do not feel comfortable doing it yourself, professional removal is an option. Professionals are available in many areas and can do the job well. You should make sure that the quality and reliability of the work is there before hiring someone, of course, as it can vary.

Property Maintenance
Whether you have removed the snake or not, you want to do some property maintenance. Trimming bushes, placing and fixing fences, and picking up things around the property will help in removing and keeping out the snakes. With fewer things to hide them, snakes are less likely to stick around. You will also want to repair any entry holes into the porch or shed. Snake removal is a manageable task. Whether doing it yourself or with a professional, you can have the snake gone in little time.

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